Taiwan's de facto envoy to US attends Biden's inauguration | NEWS Stream | Scoop.it

Taiwan's de facto ambassador to the US, Ms Hsiao Bi-khim, was formally invited to President Joe Biden's inauguration in what Taipei said yesterday was a precedent-setting first since Washington switched recognition to Beijing in 1979.

Taiwan's Foreign Ministry said it was the first time in decades that a Taiwanese envoy had been "formally invited" by the inauguration's organising committee while the ruling Democratic Progressive Party described it as "a new breakthrough in 42 years".

Mr Biden's Taiwan policy is less clear-cut for now, but Ms Hsiao's presence at the inauguration hints at a continuation of his predecessor's precedent-setting changes.

Dr Kharis Templeman, a Taiwan-based expert at the Hoover Institution, described it as "a subtle gesture but a meaningful one".